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SPLAT White Plus Toothpaste – Product Description:

  • An effective complex toothpaste containing an innovative system for safe whitening – Sp.White system, due to which this toothpaste is good even for sensitive teeth.
  • Rounded polishing particles in combination with Polydon component and natural papaya enzymes considerably lighten the enamel, split the plaque in out-of-the-way places and make the dental surface perfectly smooth, thereby providing long-lasting whiteness.
  • Potassium ions reduce teeth hypersensitivity.
  • Natural antibacterial ingredients prevent the formation of plaque and provide breath freshness.
  • Fluoride ions provide an efficient protection against caries.
  • Perfect for coffee and tea fans and smokers.
  • Does not increase teeth sensitivity.
  • Whitening effect – 1.5 tones in four weeks of use.

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