How to Enable Hindi Google Assistant on Any Android Device

Google has finally give its Google Assistant in Hindi language. If you also use an Android phone higher than Android 6.0 Marshmallow  you also use Google Assistant in Hindi language. In this post I will give full tutorial step by step so that you can do this for free. There is some condition that you have to follow before doing this. You must need an Android phone with Android 6.0 + OS, You have to Update the google App from Play Store I’ll give the link below.

Follow these simple steps to use Google Assistant in Hindi : 

1. First off all, make sure you’re running the latest version of the Google app on your device. Follow this link, and tap on “Update” to update your Google app to the latest version.

2. Next You have to change your system language go to Settings -> Language & input -> Language.

3. Now, tap on “Add a language”. You will now be presented with a list of languages. Scroll down and tap on “Hindi” to select it.

4. Once you’ve added Hindi as a language, hold down on the 3-bar icon next to it, and drag it upwards, to set it as your device’s default language.

5. And that’s it. Simply say “Ok Google” or hold down the home button to activate Google Assistant, and talk to it in Hindi language.

Notes :

The ability to talk to Google Assistant in the Hindi language natively makes the entire user experience much easier for Android users in India. Google has also listed out all possible actions on Assistant in Hindi on this link, so you can try those out on your device. So, did the above guide work for you? Share with us your experiences with Google Assistant Hindi in the comments down below.