How To Clone Android Apps | Multiple Apps One Device

We all use many android apps but sometimes we want more than one app on our Android phone for some extra requirements. For an example, if you use two WhatsApp one for Business and one for the Personal use but you have only one WhatsApp installed but if you clone the app it easily helps you sometimes a lot.

Not only two we will discuss how can you install more than two apps on your android phone very easily. There are both root and unroot method available but we will discuss in detailed the no-root method.

Root Method :

If you have root access in your Android phone this will be very easy to clone an App multiple times. Simply You have to use Apk Editor Pro App and change the package name of an application and after save you will get a cloned version of App. This will help you if you want to clone many version of one app. Like, if you have Paytm and if you clone 5 Paytm app by named their package id paytm1, 2, 3, 4, 5 you will get 5 different apps and you can also install all at one time.

Non-Root :

If you don’t have root access you can use many apps like Parallel Space, App cloner and simply you can clone your app and use both at the same time.

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Disclaimer - This post written only for educational purposes, don't use these cloned apps for any type of illegal activity.

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