How To Buy or Sell Bitcoin in India | Safe and Easy Way 2019

How to Buy or Sell Bitcoin and Other Cryptocurrency in India

Sell or Buy Bitcoin Easy and Safe way: Bitcoin is worlds first cryptocurrency that can be bought or sold worldwide. Many people Trade using bitcoin but in India, we cannot Buy or Sell Bitcoin directly by the regulation of RBI (Reserve Bank of India).

How To Sell or Buy in India: you cannot buy or sell directly but we can still send or receive Bitcoin to anyone. We can do Peer to Peer transaction and Buy or Sell bitcoin easily.

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Step1 – Go to Remitano Website and enter email address to signup

Click Here

Step2 – You will get an activation email from Remitano click on it and set your username, your account will be successfully created.

Step3 – Now go to P2P Exchange section and you can see Live bitcoin price there. Now chose ‘buy’ if you want to buy, or ‘Sell’ if you want to sell your wallet coin.

How To Buy:

Step 1: Click on Buy Now on Top Menu

Or Find 1 seller from ‘List of sellers’ and click [Buy]

Step 2: Fill in your Bitcoin Address and the Amount you want to buy and click on [Buy BTC/ETH] to open the trade.

  • Enter your BTC / ETH address … or you can use your Remitano wallet. When you choose Remitano wallet, after completed, your balance will be updated in the upper left corner, you can withdraw at any time or sell to others. (The withdrawal fee will not be charged when you use your Remitano wallet.)

Step 3: Pay as instruction
Access your internet banking and pay for seller as instruction. Then Press the [I have paid seller] and wait for the seller to confirm you will lose money if you don’t d

Never Cancel the trade if you already paid
. Because the trade cannot be reverted after completed.

How To Sell:

Step 1: Click on Sell Now

Or Find one buyer from the ‘List of buyers’ and click [Sell]

Step 2: Fill the Amount of bitcoin you want to sell and click on [Sell BTC/ETH] to the trade.

Step 3: Fill out your payment details.

Step 4: Deposit BTC/ETH

  • If you already have a BTC / ETH balance at Remitano (shown in the upper left corner), we will deduct directly from your balance without asking to deposit more.
  • If your BTC / ETH balance is not enough, you need to transfer Bitcoin / Ethereum to the address provided in the transaction (This is the Bitcoin address of your account in Remitano, which is used to secure the transaction, not the seller’s address so you don’t need to worry about loss)

Wait confirmation from BTC/ETH network after sending. After that, the status of the trade will be changed to wait for buyer’s payment.

Step 5: Wait for buyer’s payment

Wait for the buyer to transfer money and click on “I have received payment” to release bitcoin for buyer.

Note: DO NOT CONFIRM PAYMENT UNTIL YOU ARE ABSOLUTELY SURE THAT YOU RECEIVED MONEY. Because the trade cannot be reverted after completed.



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