Five hidden secrets of Android smartphones

It turns out that your phone boasts off many lesser-known but stand-out features that enrich user experience. So to help you get the most out of your device, here are 5 hidden functions you probably didn’t know your Android phone could do.

Five hidden secrets of Android smartphones:

Allow calls from selected people-Do Not Disturb is a very useful feature that lets you keep yourself from being notified when you want some time of peace and quiet. To activate this function, go to Settings-Sound-Do not disturb, and tap ‘Priority only settings’.Here you can decide whether reminders and event alerts can go off in Priority mode.

Opt out of personalized ads-Ads are an unfortunate necessity on the internet—they’re how sites like this one are able to operate. But if you find personalized ads a little too creepy, you can tell Google. Go to Settings- Google -Ads and enable ‘Opt out of Ads Personalisation.’You will see a pop-up saying “You will still see ads, but they may not be based on your interests”. Tap ‘ok’ and it’s done.

Access Chrome tabs from other devices-what about when you’ve opened a site in a Chrome tab on Android and needed it when you didn’t have your phone handy. You have to log into Chrome with your Gmail ID across all your devices. Then go to google setting-You will see an option, ‘Sign in to Chrome’. Click it to log in with your Gmail account. Now if you launch a new Chrome tab on your smartphone, you will see a ‘Recent tabs’ option when you hit three vertical dots.

Invert colors-apparently invert color in iPhones or Android do not have much of a use. Inverting the color makes most things look weird and ghastly. Never even think about browsing the gallery in inverted mode. Just go to Settings, Accessibility and enable ‘Colour inversion’.

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Unlock the phone automatically when you are at home-Don’t you hate it whenever you’re safely at home, and there’s no one else around to access your phone, and yet you still have to unlock it whenever you want to use it? Go to Settings-Security and tap on ‘Smart Lock’.Then simply tap on ‘Trusted places’ and input the place where you feel comfortable leaving your phone unlocked.

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