5 WhatsApp tricks you should know about

Nowadays Whatsapp is the most famous mobile messaging platform. But you should know some tricks which can take you to the next level. Here five WhatsApp tricks you should know about.

5 WhatsApp tricks you should know about:

Use Whatsapp Without Any Phone Number-you can use WhatsApp without any phone number. At first, you have to uninstall your WhatsApp then download again. Download and install spoof messages app and then it will not be able to verify you via the internet and it will prompt you to choose alternate SMS Method. Now choose check through SMS and enter your email then without waiting for any more time click on cancel button. Open the spoof messaging app and enter below details.

Read message without informing the sender-Don’t open WhatsApp app when you receive the message and enable flight mode on the smartphone and now you can feel free to run Android app to read the message and once you are done with the message then close the WhatsApp app and disable the airplane mode.

Create GIFs-you can create GIFs within WhatsApp and send it to your friend. At first, you have to open WhatsApp chat then click on the contact whom you want to send the GIF. Click on the attach icon then select gallery then go to videos and Select any video. Now a video editing option of Whatsapp will be opened and you can adjust the length.

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‘Unsend’ messages-WhatsApp offers you an awesome feature that if you send any wrong message you can delete this. But remember you only have eight minutes to delete it. Press delete icon and you will get two options ‘delete for me’ and ‘delete for everyone’, choose the second one.

Share your live location-you open a chat with a person or group. Under “Location” in the attach button, tap “Share Live Location.” You can set a timer for how long you want to share your location, and everyone you’ve chosen to send your location to can see where you are on a map in real time.

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